Saturday, February 5, 2011

Photography Workshop

I went to a photography workshop today.  It was my second time going to this workshop.  The first time I was overwhelmed.  I think that is an incredible understatement.  I only had my camera for a month when I went and didn't know anything .  I had dabbled with the automatic settings.  I signed up for this workshop immediately after the last one.  I practiced the exercises in the book and to my surprise I became comfortable with the priority settings and manual mode.  Please take note of the word comfortable in the previous sentence.  It is a relative term.  I no long feel like crying when I move the dial to M and try to figure out what to do.  I went to lunch with a few of my classmates and they asked me all sorts of questions about aperture, shutter speed, ISO and metering.  I could answer them.  I have no delusion about what that meant.  It simply meant I understood what was being presented (I felt like an expert and to my classmates I was seen that way but know that I am not).  It did feel good.  I quickly ate humble pie when I got home and all of my photos downloaded into JPEG format and I know the camera is set for RAW.  Now I need to figure out that new challenge.  Sigh!  I do love leaning.  This is quite the adventure for me. 

The picture above is from the Safari portion of the workshop.  This is a "fun" photo (not something I deem beautiful).

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  1. Arghh! "All photos downloaded into JPEG!"...I still have not learned how to download. I'm going to give it a try tomorrow.

    Nice photo, was everyone required to wear blue or grey? However it happened your photo perfectly captured a color scheme that matched the flowers the sky and give me the actual feeling, when looking at it, that the day had a nice gentle misty feeling to it.

    - Penny