Saturday, January 29, 2011

Warm Winter Days

It has been super warm this past week.  I have run around in short sleeved t-shirts most days this week.  I am very sorry that I have most of my warm weather clothes in storage because I am not putting on a turtle neck.  I had to wear a few long sleeve shirts this week and I was roasting in them.  I know that my friends and family in colder parts of the country would not appreciate this post.  I am not the only one that noticed the fine weather.  This tree noticed too.  I took this picture last Wednesday (1/26) when I was walking around San Francisco.  The blossoms look very happy to me and I had to take a picture of them.


  1. Beautiful! You have skills :) - Katy

  2. can't wait to see how you get the blue sky into your aperture! you seem to have a knack with it. looking forward to seeing how it develops.